Consumer Attraction

One of those undeniable truths of life is that if I suddenly am attracted by a fashion that I was formerly indifferent to, that somehow marketing, desire and scarcity have coincided to create a demand for a product.

Suddenly my own desires for apartment living have leaned toward the dream of either a garden unit or a penthouse with a large terrace space and view. I am joined in this dream with consumers around the country who are wanting the same, and now there is a shortage of penthouses in the coastal region as well as garden apartments and the moving trend is out of the city.

Penthouses in Tel Aviv have also reached demand exceding supply with even Donald Trump’s enterprises pushing for the project on Rothschild Blvd. to fulfill the complaint that “there is not a single nice penthouse in Tel Aviv”, quotes Ynet news.

There has been a trend in the last decade or slightly more to build buildings that include an outside space or balcony, to not have one now is considered a deficit to a property, like living on a high floor without an elevator.  Along with this trend there has been an increasing demand for pastoral spaces, the American Dream, a house with a yard.

The balconies were not that difficult to change the face of newer construction in Israel, but the demand for apartments with gardens has escalated along with the desire for a house with a yard.

This has caused a certain flight from the urban areas to more spacious areas that make a yard possible. Jerusalem in particular was noted in Ynet news.


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