Holyland Park, Jerusalem

The controversial towering residential buildings of Holyland Park approved under the mayoral leadership of Ehud Olmert in the early 2000’s has seemed to permanently put to rest the zoning rule in Jerusalem of no more than 5 stories.  Nearing completion, the first of two 32 story residential towers in the neighborhood of Ramat Sharet in Jerusalem will rank among the top ten ‘tallest buildings in Israel’.  The two towers will rise to 875 meters above sea-level.

The original project was for 8 linked residential towers that would create 850 housing units, all with underground parking and elevator access. Before its inception, what is now an unalterable change in the Jerusalem skyline, many objecting voices went unheard as development ensued.  As a fact it is now considered a premier community that has sold well offering expansive views to the south and east, with high-rise living as well as terraced garden apartments at its base.

Since the first completions in the middle of this decade of the block of eight buildings the units have nearly doubled in value. Average prices in the towers hover around  $750,000. The towers, which are surrounded by parks, the Holyland hotel and has its own restaurant is designed to appeal to foreign residents and ownership looking for the security of a well controlled environment with panoramic views.


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