Jerusalem neighborhoods; Malha

The Jerusalem neighborhood of Malha is on the western side of the city and is one of the most desireable of newer Jerusalem neighborhoods.  Although Malha has an interesting historical past which includes the winding, narrow streets of Old Malha, which was once a Muslim neighborhood including a now defunct mosque with still standing tower, its history dates back to the time of the tribe of Judah where the bronze age agricultural village called Manahat where there are still ruins and a mikvah next to the Biblical zoo.

The modern day neighborhood of Malha is primarily a secular population with terraced apartments offering spectacular views of the city, cottages and luxury villas.  Its proximity to the High Tech Park, Teddy stadium, the train station that is located in the neighborhood and the Jerusalem Mall makes it a highly desireable location.  It offers direct freeway access to the Begin highway connecting to Hwy 1 to Tel Aviv and routes to Modiin and to Maaleh Adumim and the Dead Sea.


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