Modiin – poised for growth and investment

I recently spent a day visiting and learning about the community of Modiin, I have already worked with clients for the area but my mission this time was gathering information about the various neighborhoods and city future.

I believe this that this city is potentially one of the best investments in Israel.  Modiin has plenty of room for expansion, more than 40,000 units are planned, a number of years ago, according to a reliable source “off the record” was that the Ministry of Housing had decided that this city would become the third largest in Israel. 

This city will be the future hub of the Israeli commuter train and once the route to Jerusalem is complete prices in the area are expected to skyrocket.  More business and development plans are slated and Azrieli recently built a beautiful and artistically designed mall in the city center.  The train’s hub will go to nearby Ben Gurion airport, and already travels to Tel Aviv and all the coast routes that includes.

With housing prices considerably less than Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Modiin is an exceptionally clean city with lots of park areas that is a great location for those who need to commute to either city. It is in the center of the country within the green line and has become the fastest growing city in Israel.


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