Mamilla Mall World Class Jerusalem

The new Mamilla mall as well as the development of the city have changed and continue to gentrify the “holy City” image to a European world class style.

The mall has strict restrictions on the shops leasing there, there is plenty of parking underneath the 3 story mall with a pedestrian mall all made of Jerusalem stone with characteristic middle eastern arches. There is a monthly calendar of events for this Alrov creation which include music and summer open Friday afternoon parties.

Luxury real estate is booming in the area with The Jerusalem of Gold project on Rabbi Akiva St. leading the standard in its building and contractor standards and is a short two-block walk away.  Prices range from $1,250,000 to $20 million for the penthouse. Sales information available from the author. Many other luxury projects are springing up and the former Historic tax authority building’s exterior has been preserved according to law as a shell which will house the new Waldorf Astoria hotel.  The present shell looks like a mini Roman coloseum.


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